106 Harbor Avenue

Marblehead, MA 01945






We strongly recommend that you continue into Boston to the end of the Mass Pike.  It’s at least a half-hour quicker than coming around the I-95/Rte. 128 loop north to Peabody.  Follow signs (and airplane icon) to Logan Airport (Ted Williams Tunnel).  Take  Rte. 1-A North exit from the tunnel.  Follow directions below From Logan Airport.


If you must approach via I-95/Rte. 128:

Exit from the Mass Turnpike/I-90 onto Rte. 128 North (exit also reads I-95 north, which follows 128 for about 20 miles).  Stay on Rte. 128 for about 25 miles, until you reach Exit 25A.  NOTE:  There are Exits  24, 25 and 26  near the Mass Pike.  DO NOT TAKE THEM.  Exit numbers behave weirdly – they will go up to 45, and then go back to the twenties when I-95 splits north from Rte. 128.  Just after you  pass the Lowell Street exit to Peabody, stay to the right.  You'll see Northshore Shopping Mall on your left. Take next exit, Exit 25A, Rte. 114 to Salem & Marblehead.  Follow directions below From Rte. 128.


From Logan Airport:

Coming out of the airport, follow signs for "Rte. 1-A North Revere".  You'll stay in the left lane as you follow the signs to the right.  Follow 1-A for 2.5 miles to a big rotary.  Stay to the right and follow 1-A signs to Lynn, Swampscott.  Stay on 1-A for 4.3 miles over the General Edwards bridge, past a Wal-Mart.  After Wal-Mart, get into middle or right lane. In 1.2 miles you will bear to the right to follow signs to Swampscott and Nahant, going towards the ocean. Don’t follow Rte. 1-A at this intersection - it goes straight into Lynn, from which you may never emerge.  In ½ mile The Lynnway joins a rotary at the water - go around it and north along the coast road, now called Lynn Shore Drive. (Do not take the right towards Nahant). Rte. 129 comes into Lynn Shore Drive about a mile from the rotary.  Just after it becomes Rte. 129,  you enter Swampscott, and the coast road is now called Humphrey Street.  About ½ mile after you enter Swampscott, still on Rte. 129,  you’ll see a fork with a gas station  (the last one, if you need gas – no gas stations in Marblehead.) Continue straight through the light on Rte. 129  - do not take the right fork.     In about .75 miles at a small center triangle, Humphrey Street will fork off to the left, you will stay on Rte. 129 straight ahead, which will then be called Atlantic Avenue. (There's a sign when you enter Marblehead on Atlantic Ave.)   Not long after the sign there's a light at Clifton Avenue.  The next light will be Ocean Ave.  Turn right onto Ocean,  follow directions below From Ocean Avenue in Marblehead.

Coming south on I-95 from the north, take Exit 50 in Danvers onto Rte. 1 South, then from Rte. 1, in about 1.5 miles, take Rte. 114 east to Peabody.  You'll cross over Rte. 128, and just after that follow our directions below From Rte. 128. 


From Rte. 128:


Take Exit 25A, Rte. 114 to Salem & Marblehead.  Soon after you exit (you have to go right), get in the left lane, to follow Rte. 114 signs to Salem & Marblehead.  It will turn left at the 2nd light.  Rte. 114 winds and curves quite a bit thru Salem, but is fairly well marked.  You'll go thru a big intersection near the center of Salem, two traffic lights, parking lots on either side of the main road. You'll turn right at the first light of the intersection, and left at the second , following 114 signs. About two miles later you'll come to a fork at Salem State College where Route 1A comes in.  The Route 114 sign is a bit crooked, seems to be pointing to the right, but be sure you take the left fork, keeping the college on your right.  About a mile after the college, you'll go down a hill, will see Salem Harbor on your left, and a salt marsh on your right.  As you go back up another hill, you'll be entering Marblehead, and will hit a traffic light at the top of the hill.  Be sure to bear left there.  Follow 114 thru 4 full traffic lights.  After the fourth, start looking for a brick fire station on your right.  Turn right on Ocean Avenue just after the fire station at the fifth light, follow directions below From Ocean Avenue in Marblehead. NOTE:  There's an Ocean Avenue off Route 114 in Salem near Salem State College, which MapQuest has sent people to.  DO NOT TAKE IT!  (Come to think of it - do not use Map Quest!)


From Cape Cod coming north on Rte. 3, which merges into I-93, take Exit 20 onto I-90 (Mass Pike)/Ted Williams tunnel, following signs to Logan Airport. AFTER the exits for Logan Airport, take exit for Rte 1-A North, and follow directions above From Logan Airport.


Follow Ocean Avenue over a causeway separating Marblehead Harbor on the left from the ocean on the right.  At the end of the causeway, take the right fork of the road onto Marblehead Neck, and follow Ocean Avenue for about 1.5 miles.  Just after you pass a large castle-like home on the right, the road will curve around to meet Harbor Avenue.  Four houses after the castle you'll see a little rotary with flowers.  Go left ¾ of the way around the rotary onto Harbor Avenue.  The Seagull Inn will be the long blue house on your right after you've gone around the rotary. There's a stone wall, an arbor with a sign saying “The Seagull” and "106 Harbor Avenue", and a walkway to the front door.  Parking for the Library and Seabreeze suites is directly on Harbor Ave.  We suggest you pull onto the grass sidewalk in front of the stone wall.   DO NOT take a right onto Peabody Avenue, the next road to the right.  The cottage and 2 parking spaces on the left end of the building (facing the Seagull Inn) are a private residence, not part of the Seagull Inn. 

If you're staying in the Lighthouse Suite, instead of going left around the rotary,  go straight towards Nashua Avenue and turn left immediately off Nashua into the yard on the gravel parking pad between the rock and stone wall.  (Do not park on Nashua Avenue - the neighbors will object.)  You have your own private entrance and deck.