Skip Sigler and his wife Ruth, both retreating from the corporate world, opened the Seagull Inn in 1994 and never looked back.  Skip was described  by Boston magazine as "a natural-born host with a remarkable gift of gab".  Unfortunately, Skip passed away early in 2020, but his spirit lives on at The Seagull Inn, in his many works of art, his woodworking and furniture-making skills, and the cookbooks which resulted from his passion for cooking.  And Ruth was always an equal partner in the hospitality and welcome which they gave to countless guests, and which will continue to be synonymous with The Seagull Inn.

Of the cookbooks, "The Best of Skip" was a simple mimeographed hand-out.  "The Rest of Skip" was more ambitious, with over 100 of his favorite recipes.  When this version needed revising and updating, Skip and Ruth produced "The Last of Skip: Part 1" and "The Last of Skip: Part 2".  Ruth has compiled a final version "Remembering Skip" with a few new recipes, which you can purchase at The Seagull Inn. It ends with his obituary, which is really a celebration of his life.